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Sebastian Smythe
Sebastian glanced up, scowling at the sight of the cat. Mr. Puss stared at him from his perch on Hunter's desk, and Sebastian tried to look away. How could anyone like that cat? If you looked at it just right, it felt like creepy music played in the background, and that was the most disturbing thought of all. Like a scary movie, only this was real, and Sebastian knew he was being ridiculous, but that cat... "Hunter, your cat is going to kill us all," Sebastian predicted, his nose wrinkling, and he shuddered at the thought. He turned back to his text book that was propped open in his lap. He considered finding his iPod and loading it up, but that meant walking by the cat.

Hunter Clarington
"My cat isn't going to kill anyone," Hunter replied, irritation in his tone. Sebastian was always complaining about the cat, and staring at it, like he was having some kind of contest or battle of wills. "He's harmless," he continued, reaching out to pat Mr. Puss on the head, eliciting a purr. "Are you?" he asked the cat, his voice softer than usual but nothing close to the kind of baby voice most people used with animals.

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This was new. Sebastian shuddered at the thought as it drifted through: He actually wanted to date someone. God. What was going on with him? Even his interest in Blaine, last year, hadn't wanted to result in the ends of actually dating him. Sebastian scoffed at the thought. Maybe princess, and the rest of the world couldn't see it, but he knew how people like Blaine worked. Trent was different. He was actually just a nice guy. Nothing particularly outstanding about him (besides that niceness that just radiated off him) until you got to know him.

That was Sebastian's downfall.

Actually becoming his friend. Now Sebastian was like a stupid, pining girl.

Sebastian shook the thought away from him, and he grabbed his phone out of his pocket, scrolling through and clicking on Trent's name, sending a brief text:

I'm crashing your hw. can I come over?

With a grin, he sent a second text:

you wont get anymore work done. forewarning you now.